An ever evolving resource for the campus community, the U’s online campus map received a few upgrades over the summer. The most prominent addition is the integration of the U’s Shuttle Tracker, which locates, routes and shows real-time information for the dozen different University of Utah shuttles across campus and the surrounding areas Commuter Services serves. For those who prefer the original tracker, don’t fear. It will remain active and can still be found at

Campus Safety information, including Emergency Assembly Points and Emergency Phone locations, has also been added in the latest campus update.

Another cool component of the new map is the ability to create and display custom tours. These interactive, multimedia pieces can be built through a myriad of templates provided by Esri and can be as varied and distinct as an overview of all the trees on campus, a historical glimpse of Presidents Circle or a general tour of the U.

So while the online map can fulfill the most basic of wayfinding needs, it’s also a resource for so much more. We’re always looking to make the campus map better, so please send us your suggestions at

  • Wraith

    So… is it supposed to be funny that the feedback link is dead?

    Feedback the first since the link is dead: Great job on improving the campus map!

    Feedback the second: Can we add a navigation feature? Something comparing with walk times and shuttle routes would be useful for class planning.

    Feedback the third: Applies to a different department in a way, but can after implementing suggestion 2, please use this feature to indicate that their shuttles are often significantly slower than walking (even to the villages), and should be either reevaluated or disconintued.

    • Intheslc

      Hi Wraith, In 15 years of being on campus I have never set foot on a shuttle. I totally agree that walking is faster 90 percent of the time. But some people aren’t as gifted of walkers as you and I. #Walk4Life

  • Holly Cox

    It would be helpful to have information on the parking lot numbers. When an email was sent out about which parking lots would be affected during a recent football game, it was hard to tell which those parking lots were.

    • Brian

      Yes it would be!

  • Gregory H.

    The emergency phone feature is potentially very useful, but it brings to light that lower campus is in need of many more phones. There is one phone near President Circle, the Engineering buildings, and the Biology buildings. It is also quite shocking that there are no phones around the football stadium. Does the university have a plan in place additional phones?