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In honor of National Coffee Day, here are some of our favorite on-campus cup-of-joe jaunts (all local, too, by the way).

In honor of National Coffee Day, here are some of our favorite on-campus cup-of-joe jaunts (all local, too, by the way).

Two Creek Coffee House

Located in the Sutton Building, Two Creek provides local, handcrafted espresso, coffee and pastries in a light and airy setting, making it a great place to study or just ease into the day.

Café Madsen by La Barba

La Barba is known across Salt Lake City as being one of the premiere roasters in the region, supplying more than 60 restaurants and coffee houses in the area. La Barba opened its first storefront right here at the U at the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building. Located on the 5th floor of SFEBB, Café Madsen by La Barba offers its signature coffee drinks as well as artisan sandwiches and pastries. And the views from the balcony are some of the best on campus.

Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab is an oasis for those on upper campus looking for quality caffeinated options. Tucked in to the College of Pharmacy’s Skaggs Research Building, Coffee Lab truly looks like a lab with beakers, funnels and graduated cylinders committed to making beautiful cappuccinos, tasty Americanos and, of course, robust single-brewed coffees.

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Brio Cafe

For the art or architecture student on the go, Brio Coffee provides the perfect fix. Located on the bridge connecting the Art and Architecture buildings, Brio’s cart has the between-class jolt to get you going.

Brio Café

Caffé Ibis

While Caffé Ibis doesn’t have a specific storefront on campus, it is the roaster of choice for Chartwell’s and can be found at their locations across campus, including Marriott Library and the Union. Founded in 1976 in Logan, Utah, Caffé Ibis roasts single, double and triple certified organic and fair trade beans. Student and faculty favorites are Highlander Grogg and Highland Sumatra.

No matter where you are on campus, you’re never far from some of the best brews in the state, all of which can be found on the coffee layer of the campus map. Now go and enjoy some java, and happy National Coffee Day!

Written by Andrew Thompson Landerghini, who tweets, ‘grams and posts to Facebook for the University of Utah, and is also a regular campus coffee drinker.