Benefiting U


Please remain wary of emails linking to websites crafted to mimic legitimate U resources. Phishing emails continue to be sent to campus accounts and stolen login credentials are being used submit direct deposit change forms.  Effective immediately, all direct deposit changes must be accompanied by a copy of your University ID card.  This will help HR authenticate that the forms have been submitted by you. Employees continue to have pay stolen by direct deposit changes that redirect pay to the perpetrators bank account. The banks are unable to return the stolen funds or provide any information regarding the identification of the account owner.

A phish uses a forged email to entice the recipient to visit a fraudulent website and then enter his/her login credentials. The hacker then can use these credentials for various nefarious activities (e.g. access to bank accounts, W-2s, personal information and forging email).

Announcements regarding any pay increase will continue to come from your college or department supervisors. University Human Resource Management will not send you an email announcing your pay increase and request that you to login to a website to obtain the pay information. These people are very clever so please continue to be cautious of these scams and don’t become a victim of phishing.