Add digital literacy to any major with the Cyber Summer program

The past year has taught us many lessons, and one of those is that digital literacy is more important than ever.

Regardless of your major, being digitally literate helps you future-proof your career as you will have a multifaceted skill set that can’t be replicated by a machine. Having a digital literacy certificate upon graduation also will give you a leg up over your peers as you compete for the best jobs in any field.

A great way to get started on that certificate is through the Cyber Summer program offered by the Kahlert Initiative on Technology and the David Eccles School of Business. The program is open to all U students regardless of major. Cyber Summer will allow you to complete more than half the classes needed for a Digital Literacy Certificate, a great addition to any major.

The 12-week experience runs May 17-Aug. 3 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., and classes are not held on Fridays, weekends or holidays. Every accepted applicant will receive scholarship funding upon admittance.

You will work through four courses (12 credit hours) with your cohort and engage with employers at networking events. You will also enjoy free activities that will let you explore Utah and make lifelong friendships along the way. Out-of-state students pay in-state tuition for the summer, and tuition will be approximately $4,050. All activities are sponsored and are free to Cyber Summer cohort members.

Students are encouraged to live on campus during the program, but it is not a requirement.

The program is limited to 38 students, and the final deadline is April 30. Click here to learn more and apply.