A tale of two queens

England’s Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots: One queen must win; one queen must fall. Follow the politically charged biographical drama and power-play between two of history’s greatest monarchs, who happened to be women. With inspiring female roles and a theme grounded in the struggle between religion, womanhood and statesmanship, this highly relevant play mirrors, explores and questions those same issues still present today.

Pioneer Theatre Company (PTC) presents “Mary Stuart”—the drama depicting the intertwined lives of England’s Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots—from Jan. 10-25, 2020. Tickets for this production can be purchased by calling 801-581-6961 or visiting pioneertheatre.org.

“The story of these two powerful women, from a time where women were not typically found in positions of leadership, is a compelling one,” said PTC Artistic Director Karen Azenberg discussing her reasons for selecting this particular adaptation. “I always seek to offer an historical play in our season. Including the gripping drama about the battle of these two women was an easy decision because there are current religious and political themes in this story that will resonate with our audiences even today.”