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By Kelly McLeod, manager, Health and Wellness Center, University of Utah Health Sciences

The Food and Beverage Task Force are dedicated to providing you with a healthy food and beverage environment. Therefore, we would like to gather baseline data on the current food and beverage choices when on University of Utah property.  Your answers will help us understand if enhancements are needed.

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“The World Health Organization on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016, urged countries to impose a tax on sugary drinks to battle the growing obesity epidemic and presented new data on the beneficial health effects of such a tax.”

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Good oral hygiene has to start early. You need to teach your kids how to brush their teeth when teeth first begin to appear. You also need to reiterate healthy habits as they grow to keep teeth in their best condition.

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As the days count down to Election Day blood pressure is rising all across the country. People are taking the political choices being made by their friends and neighbors more personally than ever before. As the politicians trade barbs on television and at rallies, their supporters are waging similar wars online and in break rooms. It’s pushing nerves to the limit and testing relationships between friends and families to the breaking point. So, how is one to remain sane among the chaos?

“What you need to do is let go of the idea that your point of view is the only correct one,” says Megan Whitlock, a clinical social worker with University of Utah Health Care. “Conflict happens when we cling to our respective views and refuse to accept differing values or priorities.”

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