‘Virtual nature’ experiences in prisons reduce stress

Exposure to nature imagery or nature sounds decreased physiological signs of stress in the incarcerated.

stock photo of a Black man dejected in front of a computer, with his head in his hands. Wearing a white button up shirt with blue polka dots, and wearing multiple bracelets on each wrist.

Public anti-Black violence and the mental health of Black Americans

A new study analyzes how highly publicized acts of racial violence impacts the mental health of Black Americans in the U.S.

A beginner’s guide to meditation

Take some time to center yourself.

Taking care of mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Anxiety is a completely normal human reaction in times of uncertainty.

Student well-being takes priority at College of Law

The S.J. Quinney College of Law is bringing the wellness conversation into the classroom.

10 tips for managing finals week

U counselors share tips for taking care of your mental health at the end of the semester—and beyond.

Breastfeeding changes gene activity related to stress

U professor on team led by Women & Infants Hospital/Brown University that published findings in Pediatrics.

A Healthier U


New research finds traditional learning and testing situations may be missing important strengths of children who grow up in high-stress environments.


Social work graduate student Nicole Shaw got an unexpected lesson during trip to Ghana.