A Healthier U

By PEAK Health & Fitness


Are you looking for ways to feel more energetic?
Do you want to lose or gain weight?
Are you pregnant, looking to become pregnant or just had a child?
Are you an athlete looking to boost performance?
Would you like to learn some new quick and healthy recipes?
These are just a few of the reasons people participate in nutrition consultations.

How much does it cost?
As part of the WellU program, benefitted employees are eligible for a no-cost nutrition consultation though PEAK Health and Fitness or University Health and Wellness. Non-benefitted University employees can take advantage of this service for $60.

Who will I meet with?
During this visit, you will meet with a nutrition expert or registered dietitian who has a broad understanding of nutrition and its impact on the body. A registered dietitian serves as an integral liaison in helping individuals choose a healthy delicious diet.  Not only do we want you to eat delicious food, we want you to enjoy it, appreciate it and be healthy because of it.

How long is the consultation?
Typically nutrition consultations require about 45-60 minutes.

Do I need to prepare for the nutrition consultation?
Preparation on your part can facilitate the consultation. That preparation may include a one day food record, a written log of your medical and family history, any medications or supplements that you are currently taking, food allergies or intolerance as well as dislikes of particular foods.

What do those 45-60 minutes include during my nutrition consultation?
Expect your R.D. to take an individualized approach, rather than launch right into facts, figures and advice. Your appointment will start with a brief discussion about what your health and nutritional concerns and goals are. This discussion will drive the direction of the rest of your appointment. If desired, a resting metabolic rate analysis (RMR analysis) can be facilitated. If you would like to have information about your current nutritional intake, you can request analysis of a one-day food record.
With the information gathered as well as the understanding of your concerns and goals, you and the dietitian can create a plan that will assist you in meeting your health and nutritional goals.

Your individual plan might include:

  • A simple meal plan based on your calorie needs
  • A road map to increasing or decreasing a certain nutrient in your diet
  • An action plan of elimination then reintroduction of particular foods
  • Recipes
  • A grocery shopping list
  • Information on how to eat with an intuitive and mindful approach

To learn more or to make an appointment, please go here.


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