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What fitness class is right for me?

PEAK Health and Fitness provides a variety of different group exercise classes for employees of the university. From Bootcamp to Indoor Cycling to Yoga for Stress Relief, we strive to provide employees with the best exercise experience to keep the U happy and healthy. Because there are multiple different classes offered at PEAK, it may be a bit overwhelming to pick one that works best for you. Here are some steps to take when choosing a fitness class:

  1. Identify your goals. This might seem intimidating at first, but knowing what your goals are will help narrow down the classes that are right for you. Different classes will address different needs, so if you are looking to gain strength sign up for a weight training or stretch and strengthen class. If you are looking to lose weight and tone muscle, then circuit training might be right for you.
  2. Pick a class you know you will be likely to attend. Maybe there is a class that starts right before your workday on campus, or one that aligns with when you could take a lunch break. Most classes are offered at multiple times throughout the day so hopefully you can find one that fits with your schedule. Knowing you will be able to attend class will increase the likelihood that you show up consistently, and therefore increase your likelihood of seeing results.
  3. Go with what you like. Exercise should be fun, so don’t be afraid to sign up for something you love doing, or sign up for something new that you have always wanted to try.

Attached is the list of PEAK classes and a description of what they have to offer. Sign up for a class today and visit health.utah.edu/peak for more information.


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