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2018 Social Media Recap

This year’s U social media reflected the gamut of emotions and events experienced on campus. And, as always, the U's Instagram featured the signature stunning vistas of the U.

Social media as a whole had its ups and downs in 2018, as the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sheryl Sandberg answered some tough questions before Congress. Snapchat faced its own turbulence seeing its public stock lose two-thirds its value.

Perusing through the year’s most-seen and engagement-inducing posts for the University of Utah, it was not all smiling faces and thumbs-up. As was the case across the U community and beyond, the tragic loss of Lauren McCluskey was felt far and wide through the university’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels. The one-year mark of ChenWei Guo’s death also brought solemnity to the U’s social media.

Of course, some great things happened in 2018, too. Ruth V. Watkins was named the University of Utah’s first female president. The U welcomed its largest, most academically qualified and diverse class in its history. And 8,568 students earned a degree, also a university record.

As always, accolades for students, faculty and the institution poured in; Utah Athletics continued to thrill crowds; and a (big) critter or two loped onto campus. And, the beautiful photos of sunsets, sunrises and stunning vistas of any time of day from Instagrammers across campus was a constant source of serenity and inspiration on U social media.

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