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The career fair is coming up on Feb. 4. Career Services answers all your questions about how to prepare and make the most of your time.

By University of Utah Career Services

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University of Utah Career Services is proud to present the 2016 spring career fair, which will take place Thursday, Feb. 4, in the Tower at Rice-Eccles Stadium. The new location provides more space than the Union Ballroom, where it has been held in previous years, and allows for more businesses to attend than ever before. More than 125 employers will be present, many looking for recent and soon-to-be grads to fill immediate full-time positions and internships.

Knowing all you can about the fair and how to prepare may seem overwhelming, so we’re answering some common questions to help you succeed.

Q: Why should I go?

A: The career fair is a wonderful opportunity to get yourself out there, meet employers, apply for positions and find a great job. Even if you’re still a few years away from graduation, the career fair is a great place to learn about different industries and careers related to your major.

Q: How can I prepare?

A: Start by making your resume top-notch by getting it reviewed at Career Services, located in Room 350 in the Student Services Building. Drop-in resume days are available from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Jan. 25, 29 and Feb. 1. If those times don’t work, walk-in hours are always available Tuesday-Thursday 10 a.m.-3 p.m., and students can discuss any aspect of career preparation during these times.

Next, it is important to do your research: download our app, “Utah Career Fair+” by searching for “Utah Career Fair Plus” (on Google Play or the App Store). You can see what companies are coming, read their summaries, visit their websites and even plan your route for the fair.

Know what to expect with the help of Career Services. Career Services offers several workshops during Career Fair Prep Week to help you succeed at the fair. A full schedule can be found by logging in to your UCareerPath account.

Q: How do I get to the Career Fair?

A: The stadium has a large parking lot, but it will probably fill quickly. Consider taking a campus shuttle (Blue, Red or Green) or TRAX, as both have stops in front of the stadium.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Start with a smile and dress professionally to create a great impression. Whether it’s a business suit, slacks and a button-up shirt or a nice dress, just try to look your best.

Q: Is there anything I should bring?

A: Bring your UCard, several copies of your resume, a professional portfolio (optional) and don’t forget your positive vibes!

Q: What if no one is hiring for my major?

A: Ask. Sometimes all it takes to find your niche in a new company is asking if they have a place for you. Often times employers aren’t looking for a major, but a skill set. What skills do you have that can transfer to any market? These are the skills to showcase to employers.

Q: How many breath mints will I need?

A: Ok, so breath mints aren’t necessary, but definitely ditch the garlic burger and cigarettes before attending.

Q: How do I make a good impression?

A: Smile and give a firm handshake to grab their attention. Move into your elevator pitch next. If you don’t have one, prepare a 30-second pitch that showcases your value, making sure to introduce yourself, signal what makes you unique (i.e. internships, volunteer experience), identify your professional goals and showcase what you have to offer by demonstrating your knowledge about the company. After this, formulate at least three interesting and company-specific questions to ask each employer you plan to visit.

Q: Is there anything I should do before leaving the fair?

A: Consider revisiting employers you’re interested in to leave a lasting impression. Grab their business cards and don’t be afraid to reach out after the fair, as they’ve given you their contact information.