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Stand out

Come to the Fall Learning Abroad Fair on Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018, to explore all the Learning Abroad opportunities available to you at the U.

Brock Mays, a graduate student in the Master of Science in International Affairs & Global Enterprise program, has a lot of experience with learning abroad. During his undergraduate studies, the Utah native learned abroad in Tampere, Finland, at the University of Tampere and throughout his graduate career at the U has worked for Learning Abroad. Mays has a message for students interested in learning abroad: “Don’t miss out on the fair!”

We asked Mays about his experiences as an undergrad and choosing a Learning Abroad Program.

“My undergraduate institution sponsored a learning abroad fair, but I missed my opportunity and wasn’t able to benefit from all the information available to me,” Mays said. “Instead of speaking with all the facilitators and representatives for programs, I had to find information on programs by myself.”

The University of Utah’s Fall 2018 Learning Abroad Fair, on Wednesday, Oct. 17, will offer a variety of information. From funding resources to program specifics, the fair is an excellent opportunity to explore learning abroad options.

“Having all these resources in the same place makes the whole decision-making process easier,” said Mays. “Although I loved my program in Finland, I would have loved to speak with representatives from all the different programs when choosing when and where to learn abroad.” This fall, the fair will host over 30 faculty-led programs and 10 affiliate program providers, tables for campus offices and funding opportunities.

“I’ve now been able to attend the Learning Abroad Fair at the University of Utah as a returned student as well as an employee of Learning Abroad office at the University of Utah and can see that it is a helpful resource for exploring all your options, whatever your goals for learning abroad may be.”

Take Mays’ advice and don’t miss out.

Come to the fall fair to explore all the learning abroad opportunities available to you at the University of Utah. It will be in the Union Ballroom, on Wednesday, Oct. 17, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Over 40 programs will be represented, including faculty directors from our faculty-led programs, representatives from affiliate partners and students from exchange schools that can tell you all about their home universities. There will also be students from the U and Learning Abroad staff who have been abroad to answer your questions or help you find a program. Be sure to complete your raffle card to win a Learning Abroad scholarship and other prizes. After the fair, you will have the chance to participate in Learning Abroad 101 to get you started on your application.

Only 1 in 10 students learn abroad, but those that do are more likely to find a job within six months of graduation, earn a higher starting salary and are better prepared for career progression and promotion. Students are able to get valuable experience with language immersion, community engagement, career development and research experience. In the past few years Learning Abroad alumni have been able to leverage their international experience to get jobs with Delta Airlines, publisher Harper Collins and more.

Be 1 in 10 and stand out.