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Humans of the U: Lauren Kleinman

“My journey at the University of Utah has been a fascinating exploration of finance and technology. As a senior in my last semester, I reflect on the unexpected path that led me to study fintech at the David Eccles School of Business. I embraced fintech without a predefined plan. Starting as a finance student in 2020, I was drawn to fintech by the prospect of becoming a financial analyst. The decision to emphasize in this field wasn’t just strategic; it was a conscious effort to stand out.

I found the emphasis not only intriguing but also an opportunity to understand the mechanics, not just the functions, of technology. Each class, particularly the payment technology class by Professor Gene Levinzon, introduced me to a diverse fintech landscape. Starting every session with news submissions added a real-world dimension, encouraging me to conduct independent research and gain insights into topics such as blockchain, AI, payment rails and more.

Looking forward, the post-graduation landscape is uncertain. Job applications compete with the possibility of pursuing a master’s degree, adding complexity to my decision-making process. The goal is clear: corporate finance, preferably as a financial analyst, with a keen interest in fintech startups. I seek meaningful work in product development or technology, coupled with challenges for personal growth.

As I explore options, I urge prospective students to research fintech programs. Understanding the nuances and exploring courses like blockchain or paytech not only offers a career advantage but also personal insights into technology’s workings. At 21, determining a lifelong career path is daunting, so I aim to gain new skills and insights by getting my foot in the door.

Beyond academics, my involvement in the business school, especially the Business Scholars Program, has been pivotal. Planning events and trips and interacting with companies have expanded my network and provided practical corporate insights. The upcoming fintech center’s arrival on campus adds excitement, breaking the monotony of major-specific classrooms.

Overall, my journey at the University of Utah has been a dynamic exploration, weaving through the intricacies of fintech. The road ahead promises challenges, continuous learning, and the opportunity to shape the convergence of finance and technology uniquely. The experiences and connections forged here will undoubtedly guide me into the next chapter of my life.”

Lauren Kleinman, fintech student