Why you should attend the virtual On-Campus Work Study & Student Job Fair


This story was originally published on the Career & Professional Development Center’s blog, Peaks & Valleys.

The Career & Professional Development Center is hosting an event for job-seeking students to connect and talk with on-campus employers about job openings. Students and employers alike are welcome to attend this virtual event from the comfort of home, a dorm room, the union or any place they have an internet connection.

The Fall 2021 U Virtual Work Study & Student Job Fair hiring event will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 17, 10 a.m.–2 p.m. via Handshake.

Why students should attend:

  • Meet hiring managers in real life and learn about the variety of job opportunities on campus: We are the second-largest employer in the state of Utah with hundreds of jobs opportunities posted. You could apply to be anything from a fish feeder, a live model, a patient actor or an accountant. The opportunities for working on campus are endless.
  • On-Campus jobs work with your student schedule: We get it. On-campus employers are more likely to work with your class schedule and are sympathetic to crunches on student time like school breaks and finals week.
  • Stay involved in the campus community: Students who work on campus report higher level of engagement, improved grades and faster graduation rates.
  • Build your resume and network: Working on campus allows you to build valuable work experience, meet mentors and gain references that will come in handy post-graduation in a competitive job market.

Students register for the Virtual On-Campus Work Study & Student Job Fair here.

Why On-Campus employers should attend:

  • A perfect match: You need workers and our students need jobs! The student job fair is particularly helpful at finding work study students and students who are authorized to work only in on-campus jobs.
  • Find hardworking students: Students are in touch with the customers you serve, they are likely already on campus to attend classes and are invested in the campus community. Student-workers make our teams better serve the U!
  • Build your talent pipeline: The student job fair is a unique opportunity to talk to job seekers about the variety of positions you have open, answer their questions and encourage them to apply for your roles. Student-workers in part-time positions often turn into valuable long-term full-time employees.

On-campus employers register here.

As a reminder, the Career & Professional Development Center is open during the summer, so if you need any help getting ready for the Job Fair, schedule an appointment with a Career Coach.