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Take time to improve your well-being and earn $80 in the process

A U student led project that aims to boost mental health and well-being for all college students is recruiting several hundred students to participate in six peer support sessions.

Well-being Elevated is a U student-led project that aims to boost mental health and well-being for college students by using a multimodal approach—an app and targeted support groups—to provide mental health promotion services. The team is currently recruiting several hundred U students to participate in six peer support sessions and students can earn $80 for their time and participation.

Program requirements:

  • Attend five out of six Zoom group sessions (one hour each)
  • Share three things you are grateful for once per week (one minute)
  • Complete one weekly activity (10-20 minutes)
  • Fill out brief well-being surveys at the beginning and end of the initiative (10-15 minutes each)
  • Upon completing the program requirements, participants will receive an $80 stipend in cash

Grounded in scientific research, Well-being Elevated connects students with each other and empowers them to manage stress, activate healthy behaviors, utilize strengths, practice mindfulness/meditation, gratitude and ultimately strengthen well-being.

This program has been shown in the past to improve happiness and life satisfaction while reducing anxiety, stress and depression. The six peer support sessions are scheduled to begin Tuesday, March 14, and registration closes Saturday, March 5, 2022, or when sessions become full.


Research questions related to this project should be emailed to Dr. Nick Galli or Merry Joseph. Scheduling questions can be emailed to