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Supporting diversity in the Department of Theatre

The Department of Theatre is deeply committed to increasing the vitality of its student community by expanding resources for underrepresented students.

We often talk about arts and experience together because the two are so inextricably linked. The arts — and particularly theatre — are driven by personal narrative. They are reflections of it, and are fueled by it.

In fact, the richness of human experience is the muse of theatre. This is why the University of Utah Department of Theatre is so deeply committed to increasing the vitality of our student community by expanding resources for underrepresented students. Our goal is to foster programs where stories and perspectives from all backgrounds thrive, and where all people pursuing theatre education are welcomed, included, and celebrated.

As part of the work towards this ongoing goal, the Department of Theatre seeks to establish an endowed scholarship to benefit students from traditionally underrepresented communities who have demonstrated a commitment to increasing representation in the theatre arts. Through your generosity, students can pursue their degrees — whether in Actor Training, Musical Theatre, Performing Arts Design, Stage Management, Theatre Teaching, or Theatre Studies — with fewer financial barriers to their creative success.

We know that the availability of scholarships is a powerful factor when students choose the institution where they will invest their time, talents, and resources. We are taking this important step to increase access for the promising students whose uniqueness will be valued and inevitably enrich our vibrant community.

This renewed effort reflects the urgency of these questions on a national and local level, and has been catalyzed by student voices as they engage our faculty and staff in conversations around expanding access and fostering diversity in the Department of Theatre. An endowed scholarship is one element of a multi-pronged approach that seeks to directly address these concerns for the sake of current and prospective students.

Today through December 16th, your  contribution gets us closer to the $5,000 goal. Every dollar counts! Thanks for your support.