Safety group for students


Students for Action Focused Empowerment (SAFE) is a newly created student-led safety organization on campus. SAFE was formed to bridge the gap between students and faculty members about safety concerns on campus.

SAFE strives to create a platform where students and faculty/administrative members can exchange their ideas, thoughts, concerns and questions regarding campus safety culture and campus safety resources. SAFE consists of five committees that are dedicated to different safety aspects on campus. They are the:

  • Mental Health Committee
  • Committee for Students and Campus Police Communication
  • Campus Infrastructure Awareness Committee
  • Dating Culture Committee
  • Committee of Diverse Inclusion on Campus

Each SAFE committee is led by a group of students and a faculty advisor who is experienced in that specific committee’s safety culture. The student and faculty-led SAFE committees will foster an environment focused on improving safety on campus, raising awareness for safety resources and creating a safe space that allows for the exchange of safety ideas through the use of forums, discussion sessions and student/faculty meetings and events. SAFE aims to create a stronger network between students and university administrators where each voice can be heard in order to improve the overall safety culture on campus.

For more information contact SAFE at; follow SAFE on Instagram @safe_students_at_the_uofu; visit the website; or contact Aarushi Rohaj (founder of SAFE) at

Don’t forget to attend the Virtual Involvement Fair for more info and to ask live questions about SAFE. It is on July 29 from 1:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. The zoom link is on the Campus Connect profile.