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Mindful Resilience

Develop resiliency by way of enhancing emotional intelligence, mindfulness, stress management and self-love.

Mindful Resilience” is a free four-week virtual workshop series that is intended for all students, staff, faculty and postdocs at the University of Utah. This workshop was designed by the Mindfulness Center with the intention of supporting ourselves and others as we navigate stressful situations that are increasingly apparent in our lives. Participants will focus on developing resiliency through mindfulness practices as we focus on emotional intelligence, stress management and radical self-love. For more information, please contact Edwin Santos Lepiz at

The new series starts March 17, 2021, and runs through April 7, 2021, from 12-1 p.m. every Wednesday. All participants must register online here. Zoom meeting information will be provided after registration. The workshop covers the following learning goals:

  • Apply meditation practices to enhance self-awareness.
  • Begin to intentionally be with our emotions and recognize how they show up in our bodies.
  • Apply mindfulness to navigate life’s stressors.
  • Build resiliency in our lives through radical self-love practices.