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University statement on mediation in McCluskey case

The university is committed to making meaningful and lasting changes.

The University of Utah participated in a two-day mediation with the McCluskey family and their attorneys. We hoped to reach an agreement that established a legacy that honored Lauren’s memory and benefitted our students through an enduring commitment to best practices in campus safety. We worked very hard to find common ground and, although we were unable to achieve a resolution, we found the discussions helpful. We appreciate the willingness of the McCluskeys and their attorneys to engage in these efforts. We are hopeful our discussions will continue with the goal of reaching a mutually agreeable outcome.

Since Lauren’s murder on our campus two years ago, we have invested in personnel, practices, policies, and infrastructure aimed at making our campus safer. We have integrated safety as a core principle of the university to ensure this work is comprehensive, sustained, innovative and evolves as practices emerge and change. The university is committed to making meaningful and lasting changes in our approach to campus safety, particularly in how we respond to and assist crime victims.