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University of Utah statement regarding Kappa Sigma loss of recognition

The University of Utah has terminated its recognition of the Kappa Sigma fraternity chapter. The termination means Kappa Sigma will not be allowed to operate as a fraternity affiliated with the U for at least a year.

In a Dec. 21 letter to chapter leaders, Vice President for Student Affairs Lori McDonald said the fraternity’s status was revoked due to violations of university policies and rules and for refusing to comply with restrictions placed on the chapter by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Early in 2022, the chapter was placed on probation for violating university policy. On Oct. 26, the chapter was subsequently placed on administrative suspension after hazing allegations were raised. While the investigation into the hazing reports proceeded, Kappa Sigma student leaders were told they could not hold business or social events. However, the chapter continued to hold a series of philanthropy events—a pumpkin painting event, a therapy dog event and a car smashing—the week of Oct. 31.

“I do not have confidence the Kappa Sigma chapter will follow the university’s directions, policies, or the terms of a suspension or probation,” McDonald wrote.

Since 2002, three U fraternities have lost their official recognition from the institution. All three were allowed to re-apply and return to operations—including Kappa Sigma. Current Kappa Sigma leaders and their community advisors will be able to apply for recognition after Jan. 1, 2024.

“I strongly believe that fraternities and sororities can add tremendous value to the student experience, contributing to both student well-being and success, but only when they function appropriately,” McDonald said. “This measure was not taken lightly, and we will welcome the return of Kappa Sigma to the U after at least the next year when they can demonstrate that they are ready to operate in good faith.”

Read the full letter to Kappa Sigma chapter leaders here.