group of kids and student leaders sit on the grass. kids all wearing red "Club U" t-shirts.

Keeping kids safe in the sun

Summer is a fun time for kids, but being out in the hot sun can do a lot of damage.

A Healthier U

  HEALTHY BREAKFAST ON THE RUN By Peak Health and FitnessYou’ve heard it before, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Kick start your metabolism and get your brain going by eating a healthy breakfast each morning. Aim to include whole grains, protein and even fat. This will keep you feeling […]

A Healthier U

SUMMER FITNESS – STRATEGIES TO TAKE THE EDGE OFF THE HEAT By Max Polin, M.S. For the training exerciser, it may not be possible to choose goal events that are in pleasant climates and out of the direct sunlight. That’s when heat acclimatizing can come to the rescue. If you have to compete in the […]