Jessica Kramer, wearing a white lab coat and blue gloves and safety glasses holds up a glass tube of colored liquid.

The miracle of mucus

U biomedical engineer discovers why the COVID-19 virus is not as transmissable on surfaces as you think.

Will COVID-19 become a seasonal nuisance?

U scientists model possible coronavirus futures.

National Nutrition Month

March: National Nutrition Month | Should you go to the doctor if you have a cold? | Surviving Daylight Saving Time

A Healthier U

Safe & Sound

Protecting Yourself from the Cold Workers who are exposed to extreme cold or work in cold environments, like outdoors during winter, may be at risk of cold stress. Extremely cold or wet weather is a dangerous situation that can cause occupational illness and injuries such as hypothermia or frostbite. Protect yourself from cold stress by: […]

A Healthier U