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Humans of the U: Tommy Wilde

“I applied to a couple of schools in Utah, but the University of Utah was the most appealing to me because of its location and size and they gave me a better scholarship offer as well. 

I completed my first semester of school and right now I am majoring in music, but I plan on switching to majoring in saxophone performance. 

Because I am majoring in music, most of my classes are music classes. I have loved the increase in difficulty from my high school classes to my college classes. This has been refreshing because my high school classes got old pretty fast for me. I never felt like I was being pushed or challenged, not only musically, but in most aspects of high school. 

I love that in college I feel challenged, but not in an overwhelming way. I feel pushed and encouraged to do better.

I joined the baking club on campus because one of my friends is friends with the club’s president. We meet every other week in a kitchen on campus and it’s super chill. We make a nice dessert together and I’m there hanging out with friends. It’s super fun. 

I’ve loved living in Salt Lake City so far. Even though I grew up pretty close and would come to concerts and events, I never spent any extended periods here. In my opinion, this is the most appealing campus in the state. It’s beautiful and walkable. Additionally, you aren’t only connected to Salt Lake City, but to Utah County as well, so it doesn’t feel isolating to be here. I love that I can take public transit to not only get around campus but the surrounding area as well.

I’ve only been at the U for a few months, but I’ve already noticed an improvement in my ability to manage my schedule and time. I am excited to see how much I am going to grow over the years to come.”

— Tommy Wilde, a first-year student from Utah County