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Humans of the U: Timothy Lawrence

“I grew up a pretty avid BYU fan because both of my parents went to BYU and that is where they met. Though I wanted to go to BYU as a kid, by the time I was applying to college the U had become my first choice. The computer science program and music program at the U are very good and I knew these programs would be a good fit for me. I ended up getting rejected from BYU and getting a scholarship to the Honors College at the U, and from that day forward, I have been an avid ‘Utah man.’ I am so glad I made this decision because the U has been a much better fit for me than other schools would have been.

I am majoring in computer science and hope to graduate in 2025. My first semester of college was fall 2020 and I had a difficult time because of COVID-19. I ended up taking a year off of school to work, save money and wait for campus to return to normal. 

Initially, I planned on minoring in music, but I don’t think I will complete that minor. However, I’ve still been able to do some cool music-related things. I am a member of the marching band and I absolutely love it.

I have really enjoyed my honors classes. I like that in these courses I get to interact with peers from all sorts of different disciplines. The sense of community I gain from that is very important to me. I also like the opportunity I have to choose to push myself more in areas where I want to grow. 

I love the U’s campus. It is a very pretty place and is one of the reasons I chose to come here. Living in the heart of Salt Lake City, it feels like every month I’m finding something new and exciting to do here. I am also a big football fan and I love watching our team play. 

When my college experience is done, I want to come away with new friends and new experiences. There are a lot of experiences you can only have in college and I want to take advantage of all the exciting opportunities offered at the U.”

— Timothy Lawrence, a senior majoring in computer science from Utah County