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ChatGPT message to students

Recently, a new set of tools that utilize artificial intelligence to generate computer code, math problem results, written, and visual content from a series of prompts have become more widely available. There are many possibilities for using and examining these tools related to education efforts and inquiry. Also, these tools may be used to complete assignments, exams, and other academic efforts without proper attribution or an indication that they have been used. General guidance and expectations about how such tools might be used appropriately concerning “student work” is provided. “Student work” includes any activities, assignments, or practices to be evaluated, graded, given feedback on, and received college credit in some way. Students should seek guidance from their instructors before utilizing AI generative tools for assignments.

If students choose to use these tools in some capacity related to creative work, they must make evident any portion of the work generated by the AI tool and which AI tool they used. The U anticipates new waves of remarkable creativity and curiosity among faculty, staff, and students—there has never been a more exciting time to be at an R1 university!

Faculty members will provide specific policies relating to using such tools for their courses as it makes sense for how and what learning looks like in those courses. If you are in doubt, ask your instructor for guidance! Please note that this is interim guidance as we continue to explore and understand the possibilities and challenges of AI in higher education.

T. Chase Hagood
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Lori McDonald
Vice President for Student Affairs