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Animals of the U: Baloo, the assistant to Assistant Professor Sara Malik

Baloo, service dog of Sara Malik. Photo by Harriet Richardson

“I joined the University of Utah in July 2021 in my capacity as assistant to Assistant Professor Sara Malik. Sara teaches accounting. I love getting to hang out on campus and meet all the students — everyone is so nice to me. Sara says that ever since I came to the David Eccles School of Business, I’ve been winning hearts and minds and getting students excited about accounting. 

I earned my Ph.D. at age five alongside Sara (who was not five years old at the time). I take education and my role of supporting Sara and her students very seriously. During class, it’s all business. But I know how to have fun as well. When the lecture is over and my vest is off, it’s time to let loose! I run through the classroom, checking on students and making sure they are doing well. And I have a shameless love for belly rubs which students are always willing to indulge. I hope my example helps students see they can be well-rounded individuals: serious scholars who have fun outside of work too. 

I believe everyone in the classroom is a star. I’m so proud of students who engage with the course material. (I know it looks like I am sleeping through most of class, but that’s because I have heard all these lectures before.) Speaking from experience, I want students to know there is no greater pleasure than investing in yourself in your studies and being in an environment where everyone wants to learn. 

Some people may say accounting is boring, but as one of the most interesting individuals on the U’s campus, I am living proof that they are wrong. I disagree with the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” All of us—young or old— can find excitement in learning new things. The more we learn the more we have to give to one another.”

— Baloo, the assistant to Assistant Professor Sara Malik

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