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Utah Ballet and ‘Stories of Serenade’

Next week, the Hayes Christensen Theater in the Marriott Center for Dance will once again be home to one of the most iconic Ballets of the 20th century— as well as vibrant new pieces by U Dance Faculty and one of the foremost scholars on George Balanchine.

“Serenade” by George Balanchine: Serenade is considered a milestone in American Dance. Balanchine first choreographed the ballet on The School of American Ballet in 1934. It’s set to the sweeping music of Tchaikovsky, and the romantic-length tutus the dancers wear are immediately recognizable.

However, the concert will open with more contemporary fare, beginning with Luc Vanier’s “Bring it on Home.” With music by Led Zeppelin, this piece explores Wendell Beaver’s quote that Dance’s most neurotic moments, historically and personally, have come when undigested technique dictates content.

Next is “In the Theater of the Air,” choreographed by Christine McMillan. In this piece, movement will stylistically draw from both ballet and contemporary techniques with an emphasis on the ability to move fluidly between these styles.

The third piece in the concert is a multi-media fantasy space opera inspired by miHoYo’s “Genshin Impact” video game. Through partnered art, dance, and song, this piece will immerse the artists and audience in a scenic wonderland. In mixing traditional and contemporary styles, this choreography will be demanding in body and spirit, but generous in experience.

The concert will then closer with “Serenade.”

In tandem with Utah Ballet is a special presentation titled “The Stories of Serenade – Balanchine’s ‘First’ Ballet in America,” featuring special guest James Steichen, author of Balanchine and Kirstein’s American Enterprise.

The panel is free and open to the public, and will take place Tuesday, February 20th from 2pm-3:20pm at the Marriott Center for Dance.

For more information on Utah Ballet and to get tickets, click here.