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Top 11 reasons to join a PEAK Zoom fitness class this summer

Classes are now available.

1. Physical activity is great for physical, mental and emotional health

Fitting physical activity into your day can boost immunity, decrease stress and increase energy. Even a single bout of movement can improve mood and productivity. In this challenging time, we all want to stay well and positive.  Regular exercise can set you up for success.

2. Instructors you know and love (or will soon)

Join instructors you have loved taking classes from before, such as JJ, Sarah, or Jendar while they continue to help and motivate you to exercise from home. Or learn and have fun with new summer instructors who are excited to fit in physical activity with you while at home!

3. Scheduled exercise time = more likely to do it

It is easy to procrastinate exercise and allow other things to get in the way. Exercise is important for mental health and productivity! One way to be consistent is to schedule a time for a fitness class in your calendar, just like you would for any other important meeting. Having a scheduled time means you’re less likely to put it off.

4. Variety of class time options

Did an unexpected Zoom meeting or family obligations cause you to miss the class you usually participate in? No need to wait a couple of days to participate again like you would in person! There are a variety of classes throughout the day that you can join to still be able to fit in physical activity.

5.  Cross training with a variety of classes

Want more than one style of teaching or workouts? Unlike in person where you have to stick to the class you signed up for, feel free to join as many classes as you would like. The variety of classes allows you to cross train all summer!

6. Opportunity to try something new

Have you ever wanted to try a yoga, bootcamp or Zumba class, but have been afraid you wouldn’t like it? Take the opportunity to try a variety of classes without having to commit to a whole semester. Zoom fitness allows you to try a variety of classes however many times you would like.

7. Opportunity to connect with U community

Connect with others in the U community by coming together to exercise and connect from home. Meet those from all departments and walks of life who all have a love for the U!

8. Form correction from real instructors

Unlike following a video on YouTube, PEAK Zoom fitness classes allow the opportunity for instructors to watch and correct your form in real time. This reduces chance for injury and increases your overall physical fitness!

9. Invite your whole family to join

With Zoom, your whole family has the opportunity to participate in PEAK fitness classes! Take a break and exercise as a family by joining zoom fitness classes!

10. Real time motivation

Have you ever started an exercise video but ended up watching it from the couch?  (I have!) PEAK Zoom classes feature real instructors to see that you’re working hard and motivate you to keep it up!

11. You’ll  have fun

We are all looking to have fun and connect with others during these times.  What better way to have fun and get some exercise all in one.