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Telling the stories of the great outdoors

Help us capture the Utah-outdoor experience.

When people come to Salt Lake City, one of the first things they see and admire is the mountains. More specifically, they admire the Wasatch Mountains. The plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities are almost as special as the people who are out there pushing the boundaries of those sports every day. Wasatch Magazine aims to document the physical, social and cultural stories of these people and places.

As a publication, we believe that we are in a very special place. To have a staff made up of talented writers, photographers and videographers who are also passionate outdoors people makes us what we are. By documenting the most important outdoor stories at the University of Utah, in the Wasatch and beyond allows us to promote positive values into the community.

Outdoors people of the Wasatch have a reputation for getting up and getting after it, and that includes our Wasatch Magazine staff. Back in October, we had an opportunity for a staff meetup. Wasatch staff writer Sam Karthan had set up a highline with some friends on Grandeur Peak, just 10 minutes away from the U campus. Online editor Steve Mammano noticed that this highline was in a perfect position to fly by on his paraglider. To top it off, staff photographer and videographer Kiernan Dunn was there to document it all. This was a fully Wasatch-inspired event, and the three had never met otherwise. It’s synergy like this that makes our crew unique. Karthan’s article and Dunn’s video on this can be found here.

Wasatch Magazine is always looking for talented writers and photographers who have a passion for the outdoors. If you find yourself wanting to take a deeper dive into documenting the local outdoor culture, consider applying to work with us. You can find our list of openings here. The outdoor community at the University of Utah and beyond is very special, and we want to help spread the excitement.