Setting the standard for quality and integrity

Research quality and integrity is essential to the mission of the University of Utah. The Office of Quality Compliance (QQC) was founded in 2019 to ensure that research happening on campus is conducted ethically and efficiently and meets minimum quality and data integrity standards.

Under the direction of the Office of the Vice President of Research, the OQC provides several services and resources to university researchers and teams, including:

  • Three types of reviews to evaluate and improve study performance:
    • Self-assessments of study and protocol activities
    • Research climate assessment to optimize study team performance
    • For-cause reviews, when needed
  • The Research Quality Compliance Network (RQCN): A university-wide collaboration of people working in research compliance.
  • The development of a research “Tool Kit”: A collection of essential document templates that study teams can use, such as the Adverse Event log and Delegation of Authority log.
  • The creation of university-wide clinical research Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to be used by all individuals and groups conducting clinical research at the University of Utah.
    • Although differences across studies may require unique approaches to conducting specific clinical studies, the establishment and adherence to SOPs can ensure compliance with state, local and applicable federal regulations, as well as Good Clinical Practice guidelines that are common to clinical research of all types. These SOPs should be utilized to enhance quality, efficiency, data reliability and patient safety.
    • Suggestions for future SOPs can be submitted here.

The resources and services described above help to ensure consistency and compliance in conducting clinical research and provide standardizes processes that support the 1U4U vision.

If you have any questions or would like to contact the Office of Quality Compliance, please email