Safe & Sound

Personal Protective Equipment in the Lab

There are many situations on campus that involve work with chemical or biological materials. These materials can be hazardous. Health effects from exposure to these materials can range from relatively mild effects, such as eye or skin irritation, to much more serious issues like chemical burns or disease. You can protect yourself from exposure to these materials by following written standard operating procedures and wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.

In the laboratory environment, the minimum personal protective equipment required at all times are: long pants that cover all the way to the shoes, closed shoes that cover the toes and foot completely to the ankle, lab coat, eye protection (safety glasses at a minimum, safety goggles if working with a potential splash hazards) and the appropriate gloves for the material being handled. More extensive personal protective equipment (i.e. respirator, flame retardant lab coat) maybe required depending on the material you are working with.

If you are not certain what personal protective equipment you need to be using or need assistance in assessing the risks of a given situation, contact Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety at 801-581-6590 or sign up for the next Chemical Hygiene training class by clicking here.