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Kidde Issues Fire Extinguisher Recall

This message from the University Fire Marshal is to inform university staff, faculty and students of a Kidde fire extinguisher recall. Please know that none of the university provided fire extinguishers are affected by this recall. However; if a personal fire extinguisher was purchased and brought to the university, be aware that these fire extinguishers are being recalled due to plastic handle models failing to discharge and nozzles detaching.

It is advised to remove theses recalled extinguishers and request a university issued replacement if needed. Personal extinguishers should not be brought to the University for use in an emergency. The university has a fire extinguisher program that is available to provide the appropriate type of extinguisher that will be maintained and serviced as needed.

For more information about this fire extinguisher recall, click here.

For more information about which products are affect by this recall, click here.

If you have questions or would like to start the process for requesting a university provided fire extinguisher, contact “Fire Systems” at 801-585-1301.