Safe & Sound


Timely reporting of incidents such as injuries is critical.  Regulatory bodies have reporting requirements that can result in citations and penalties if not followed.

Tracking of near misses can help identify problem areas before an injury occurs. OSHA defines a near miss as an, “unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness or damage — but had the potential to do so.” They stress that although near misses cause no immediate harm, they can precede events in which a loss or injury could occur.  An example of a near miss would an employee narrowly misses falling down due to tripping over an extension cord stretched across a walkway.  By following up on reports of near misses on campus we gain the opportunity to address problem areas and prevent future incidents. In the case of the example, the extension cord could be removed, eliminating the hazard and the potential for an injury.

The university has an online form where incident and near miss reports should be reported as soon as possible after they occur.  This online form helps capture important data that is used to educate, train, and address hazards with the goal of eliminating future incidents.

To submit an incident or near miss report click here.