Safe & Sound


shop-safetyWhen working around power tools, hand tools or shop equipment, being safe needs to be at the top of your list of accomplishments.

Follow these basic shop rules:

  • Safety is your top priority when using the shop. If you are not sure what you are doing, “ASK.”
  • Make sure you are properly trained on any piece of equipment before you use it.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment:
    • Long pants, closed-toe shoes, side shield safety glasses
    • Pull back and secure long hair
    • No lanyards, loose clothing or jewelry
    • No headphones, earbuds, etc. wired or not
  • No food or drink allowed
  • Shop security and access:
    • No one is allowed in the shop without proper training. Only authorized individuals are allowed to use equipment.
    • It’s best not to work alone.
    • Some shops have specific access policies, so check with the shop supervisor.
  • Watch out for distractions or other conditions that take your focus away from your work.
    • If you find a piece of equipment is not working properly, unplug or disconnect the equipment and notify the shop supervisor immediately.
    • Don’t remove or bypass safety features such as guarding and emergency stops.
    • Housekeeping – Keep it clean.
    • Emergency Procedures
      • Be familiar with emergency stops on all equipment
      • Know where the emergency exits are located
      • In the event of an evacuation, if it is safe to do so, turn off processes (water, flames, etc.), collect personal items, and calmly exit the building using the nearest exit. Proceed to your assigned evacuation assembly point. If you do not know the location of your evacuation assembly point, ask the shop supervisor
      • If you are injured (even a minor injury), seek medical attention, notify the shop supervisor.

If you are injured on the job. You need to fill out and submit an E-1 Workers Compensation form within 24 hours of being injured. The forms are available here and here.