Safe & Sound

Site Specific Training Topics for Supervisors 

If you are a supervisor, you are responsible to ensure your employees are current on all required training regarding hazards found in your area and how to control those hazards.

Items to address include:

  • Emergency procedures and plans, evacuation routes, assembly locations and emergency actions.
  • Rules for reporting safety violations, incidents, hazards, and near misses.
  • Safe operating procedures specific to the workplace.
  • Location and use of emergency equipment such as emergency shower and eyewash stations, emergency stop controls, automated external defibrillators (AED) etc.
  • Location of use of fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers.
  • Proper use of tools and equipment, machine guarding, and material handling.
  • Proper ergonomic procedures and lifting techniques for the tasks at hand.
  • Use of any required safety and/or personal protective equipment.
  • Hazard Communication: how are employees notified of hazards (and their controls), how can they find additional information.

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