Safe & Sound


  • For strange or unusual odors that are not extremely strong or acutely irritating or if you’ve been experiencing symptoms that you think are due to your workspace, complete the Indoor Environmental Quality Concern Form.
  • For extremely strong or acutely irritating odors that are causing symptoms such as burning, watering eyes, running nose, coughing, etc., leave the area and immediately contact Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety at  801-581-6590. Tell the person who answers the phone that the odor is extremely strong or acutely irritating. Be prepared to provide your name and contact information, describe your symptoms and the situation.
  • If you smell natural gas or your workspace is too hot/cold, contact Facilities Operations at 801-581-7221 for main campus and 801-581-2241 for Hospital, SOM, HCI, HCH, Moran, CNC, Wintrobe and MREB.