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Pi day wellness fair

Cook up a holistic action plan to improve your life at the wellness fair on March 14!

Wellness? Health? Well-being? What does it all mean?

In the past few years, we learned how critical it is to care for ourselves as a way to keep our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, our vocabulary adopted terms from biology, public health, and psychology to talk about communal health. (Remember when “booster” was something you added to a smoothie?)

But you may wonder… what is the difference between caring for your wellness compared to your health or well-being?

Although used interchangeably in media, these terms have distinct meanings and at the Center for Campus Wellness, we find a helpful distinction is action.

We view wellness as the active and ongoing pursuit of activities, choices, and habits while health and well-being are glimpses into how those habits are impacting our lives (like test results, bloodwork, credit score, etc.).

Working on wellness as a practice means developing mindful and sustainable practices to invite balance into our lives and achieve health and well-being milestones.

This year’s theme is “Baked to Perfection: Cooking Up a Well-Rounded Life.” In honor of the mathematical figure and the delicious treat, students will have the opportunity to engage with the holistic “Wellness Wheel” model and enjoy free pizza and pie while supplies last.

We are excited to also offer a space for free STI testing and opportunities for students to ask anonymous wellness questions thanks to our fantastic health educators. Additionally, our wellness coaches will be providing “speed coaching” sessions to identify milestones with students and plan with students where and how they want to practice wellness across the dimensions.

The wellness fair will feature interactive offerings and resources from several campus partners including the Financial Wellness Center, the Learning Center, U Career Success Center, Student Leadership and Involvement, and more.

Roll by for a slice, celebrate Pi Day and take action to transform your life on March 14 from 2-5 p.m. at the Eccles Student Life Center.

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