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Since its first issue in 1890, The Daily Utah Chronicle has been the voice of the University of Utah: made by students, for students.

The Chronicle has had a long and rich history of catapulting aspiring journalists (and some students who never considered journalism as a career) into the fast-paced world of tracking down leads, interviewing athletes, artists, administrators and legislators, and keeping an ear to the ground of all issues impacting the student body of the University of Utah. Students who write for the Chronicle have been able to continue careers in journalism at the highest levels for national and local newspapers, television, and radio. Holly Rowe, a former Chronicle staffer, has been the face of women’s sports for ESPN for several years.

The Chronicle, as with all of the student media, has no major requirements to apply to be on staff. The only requirement is passion. Passion for news, sports, arts, or opinion pieces, and for sharing those passions with students. If you are a biology major but live for sports or an art major who wants to invite people into your world, the Chronicle is the place for you to have a voice.

There are numerous positions available at the Chronicle. We are looking for writers, photographers, and designers to help continue the mission of being the independent student voice of the University of Utah. Because of the experiential learning designation that all student media platforms have, students who contribute to the Chronicle are able to achieve academic credit across a variety of majors. And, for those students who complete a probationary period (generally a semester) compensation in the form of scholarships are available. Aside from credit and scholarships, the experience you receive as a contributor to the Chronicle will provide skills and connections that will be an asset through the rest of college and into your career.

For more information on positions available and to apply, click here and search “Daily Utah Chronicle.”