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Meet your UCL leaders

Learn more about how University Connected Learning leadership and how they can support you.

University Connected Learning (UCL) leaders announced the division’s new name in September 2021. As the unit which encompasses UOnline, elements of Teaching and Learning Technologies and Continuing Education and Community Engagement, UCL connects faculty and students to the technologies, data and supporting services that enhance learning and teaching. It also connects academic departments to communities through programs and services that support lifelong learning and community engagement.

“Through partnerships and collaboration with university academic programs, UCL provides the enabling services, programs and tools to connect U students and community learners with flexible educational offerings, allowing them to learn, return and refresh throughout their careers and a lifetime of learning,” said Deborah Keyek-Franssen, associate vice president and dean of UCL. “And the dedication and expertise of our UCL leadership team enables the U to enhance, innovate and scale diverse educational opportunities for our university and the many communities it serves.”

UCL’s leadership team includes AVP Keyek-Franssen, and associate deans Cory Stokes (Digital Learning Services and Technologies), Nate Friedman (Programs) and Jodi Emery (Finance and Operations, HR, Student Success and Marketing). Learn more about each of the associate deans below.

UCL Organizational Chart