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Help! I need somebody

UMatch is a way for faculty, staff and students to find child care arrangements within the University of Utah community.

We all need help at times.

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting our daily lives in ways we never expected, some folks need a bit more assistance than others. Especially those of us with full-time jobs and full-time kids. School may be partially or fully online, and day care may not be available in ways it was before. Yet, bills still need to be paid, and therefore, work still needs to be done. If work can’t be done remotely, then that makes things even more complicated.

UMatch is here to help.

UMatch, created by the Center for Child Care and Family Resources, is a way for faculty, staff and students to find child care arrangements within the University of Utah community. Those with a uNID can search for babysitters or nannies using criteria like location, dates needed, children’s ages and health status (if a provider is willing to care for an ill child). They can also look for arrangements to share child care responsibilities with another person that has a schedule that accommodates both parties.

In addition to child care, university community members can search for tutors or pet sitters. Again, they can use a variety of criteria to find the perfect person to help kids with learning or take care of a beloved Fido or Fluffy.

Those looking to sign up to provide services will find the process easy with UMatch. Members of the university community with a uNID and their immediate families (spouses, adult children) can fill out the registration and specify what services they are offering, the areas where they are willing to work and when they are available. They can also add in any information about their background or skills that may be pertinent. The registration then goes for review and is either approved or returned within two days.

Once a match is made for child care, tutoring or pet care, the two parties are allowed to exchange information and work out their arrangements. UMatch does not verify any qualifications or vet if a provider is licensed to provide child care. This is information the two parties should discuss after a match is made if they wish to do so.

The University of Utah is made up of amazing people who can provide help in a variety of ways to those who need it. UMatch makes it easier to find them and put their talents to work. It makes us stronger, and makes life easier as we navigate the coming months as one U.