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The Chrony brings the news to U

The Daily Utah Chronicle gives a voice to the U's students, staff and faculty.

Since 1890, The Daily Utah Chronicle has been a constant news source for the students, staff and faculty of the University of Utah and the Salt Lake City community at large. Not only does the paper cover events at a local level, it goes above and beyond to deliver what happens outside its doors, inside classrooms and follows issues that tap into people’s daily lives. It delivers the view of the world through the U’s students’ eyes. The Chronicle, affectionately nicknamed the “Chrony,” has informed its audience ever since its conception and has championed the motto “independent student newspaper” at every turn.

The Chrony’s purpose is not to serve the school; instead, it informs and gives a voice to the students, staff and faculty. The Chrony does not cover stories with the sole intent to promote school functions, sports or arts, but digs deeper into the why and how of it all. The paper amplifies the opinion of students and their stories.

With COVID-19 looming over the school—and the world—this semester with no end in sight, changes have been made to how the Chrony creates content. Just as the school has gone mostly remote, the Chrony followed suit with a “mostly remote” approach in mind, limiting our print production.

Prior to summer 2020, the Chrony published physical copies every week. This publishing schedule has been modified. Instead of a weekly edition, there will be a monthly “Special Issue” that students and faculty are more than welcome to pick up at any of the newsstands scattered across campus. If—like so many others—students choose to be completely remote, the current issue can be found on the website in interactive PDF form.

Anyone can access the Chrony’s stories from anywhere, using the website, as well as many social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @thechrony) that are updated regularly. In addition to these venues, the Chrony can be accessed through the College News Source app available in the App Store or on Google Play. Just type “University of Utah” or “The Daily Utah Chronicle” once in the app to access all the stories and be notified when your favorite desks or writers upload a new article. Students and faculty are welcomed and encouraged to submit their opinions as letters to the editor and/or apply to be a part of the publication.

Achieving the Chrony’s mission is dependent on our relationship with the people of Salt Lake City and the University of Utah. The last lines of the very first edition of the then-named “The University Chronicle,” still resonate with our team today: “…There is nothing we may not achieve, no height to which our unchained aspirations may not lift us. All that is required is diligent and independent thought and action—that we repudiate the long-usurped authority of superstition and tradition and be, in our thought and action, free as the wild deer that roam our mountains, yet firm and steadfast as those mountains.”