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Celebrating our state’s namesake people through the Ute Proud game

The University of Utah shares a long and close relationship with the Ute Indian Tribe. The U uses the name “Utes” for its sports teams and has done so with full support from the Ute Indian Tribe since 1972. As Utah’s flagship university, the U takes pride in carrying the name with understanding and respect toward our state’s namesake people.

Each football season, the U designates a game as the Ute Proud game to honor Ute Indian Tribe culture and share it with the greater U community. U football players wear a specially designed Ute Proud helmet for the occasion, and members of the Northern Ute Tribe perform a traditional dance at halftime. If you missed this year’s Ute Proud game on Sept. 17, you can watch the video below and see photos from the performance.

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