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Red Butte Garden 2016 Outdoor Concert Series
USHIP upgrades to SendSuite Live
Student awarded fellowship for Autism Research
College of Humanities features alumni
Golf cart safety and guidelines
Summer intramural sports registration opens Monday, May 16


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Help us by taking this survey on your research data management needs.

Over the past decade there has been an increased emphasis on research data management and sharing. In addition to many funding agency mandates, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy issued a memorandum in 2013, requiring all federal agencies that conduct more than $100 million dollars a year in R&D, to develop plans to support increased public access to the results of their research. The University of Utah supports this effort to make the results of research — including the underlying data — transparent and replicable.

In order to better support your research, provide useful data services and enable replicable, data-driven research, we are conducting a needs assessment for university data services. While the university currently offers a limited set of data services, the information gathered in this SURVEY will be critical in developing additional and expanded services. We are soliciting input from researchers across all disciplines in the sciences, engineering, social sciences, health sciences, law, humanities and fine arts, and therefore, encourage you to think expansively about the term “data” to include whatever you consider to be evidence for your research.

Please, pour yourself a cup of coffee, then get comfy in front of your laptop, tablet, etc. and answer the survey questions thoughtfully. Thank you for helping us assist you. Your input will be invaluable in our effort to build data services and to support the exciting research in our community. If you have questions, please contact Daureen Nesdill at the J. Willard Marriott Library.


Concert series tickets went on sale April 25 and are still available for 12-15 of the 30 acts that will perform in the Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre this summer.

From its beginning in the 1980’s as a series of five or six “alfresco summer concerts” in the garden on Sunday evenings, to the current 3,000-capacity Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre with top-name acts and a schedule chock-full of consistently sold-out shows, Red Butte Garden is the place to experience some of the best summer concerts in Utah.

You get it all — panoramic alpine-glow views of the Wasatch Front and the Salt Lake Valley sunset, a botanical garden, your blanket and picnic spread out on the Amphitheatre lawn in the foothills and then, of course, there are the amazing artists on stage.

Visit to purchase tickets.

University Print & Mail Services is in the process of migrating from its old USHIP system, SendSuite Desktop, to SendSuite Live, an updated version of USHIP that is browser-based and more user-friendly. The application will execute the same functions and still be known as USHIP, just an enhanced version.

In addition to facilitating FedEx and UPS shipping services, SendSuite Live will offer a streamlined interface, incorporating US Postal Service (USPS) and Express Mail (deliverable to PO boxes) services, as well as Certified Mail options (listed as ERR in the application).

USHIP allows campus users to access services from all three shipping outlets in one single interface and ensures that users are getting the university’s contracted rates with UPS and FedEx which, in some instances, can yield savings of up to 65 percent off retail rates.

The transition to SendSuite Live will take place over the next several weeks with a target completion date of June 30, after which the old version, SendSuite Desktop, will be permanently discontinued. Act now to avoid a disruption in service and become acquainted with SendSuite Live and its expanded capabilities.

Please contact Suzann Hansen at 801-581-7215; or Wendy Covert at 801-585-7459; for assistance with the SendSuite Live transition.[/bs_col]


Autism science and advocacy organization Autism Speaks has named the U’s Anne Martin as a Dennis Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellow. Martin, a graduate student in Neurobiology and Anatomy, will use the two-year award to research the role an autism-linked gene plays in developing synapses, the bioelectrical connections between brain cells. Her work could advance understanding of how synaptic function changes can affect some types of autism. Martin, mentored by U neurobiologist Megan Williams, will use 3D electron microscopy to define synaptic defects in mice without the autism-linked gene, and will also evaluate whether mutations in the gene impair synaptic function.


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 4.23.54 PM

With 35,000 incredible humanities alums throughout the world, the College of Humanities decided to gather and feature their stories that reflect the power of a degree. Humanities majors are vital to the economic life of the nation and students find careers that provide financial security and job satisfaction that matches those of students in nearly every other major on campuses nationwide. From the seven departments, nine centers and seven programs, the alums graduate with the experience, knowledge and skill sets needed to take on the world.

Check out what the alums are up to here.


Golf cart
An increased number of utility and golf carts are sharing campus walkways with pedestrians, bicycles, skateboards and vehicles (see Policy 3-233: Operation of Motorized Vehicles on Pedestrian Walks).  To promote the safe operation of the carts, U Risk & Insurance Management developed guidelines addressing operator qualifications, cart identification, speed limit and departmental responsibility.

Please review the Cart Use Guidelines here or contact U Risk & Insurance Management at 801-581-5590 for additional information.


Summer Intramurals 2016 Box
Intramural sports are open to all current University of Utah students, faculty, staff, alumni or affiliated members with a Campus Recreation Services membership. They are a great way to stay fit and active while having fun with your friends.

Click here for more information and registration.