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Academic Senate openings for U staff

Staff are encouraged to apply before February 28th.

Several committees within the Academic Senate have vacancies for full-time University staff. All those interested—and who qualify in some instances—are encouraged to apply by emailing before February 28th.

Conflict of Interest Committee (3-year term): 4 vacancies (2 staff from health sciences and 2 staff from other academic units)

Serves as an advisory body to the University administration on conflict of interest issues; upon referral from the designated vice president, reviews and recommends approval, disapproval, or approval with conditions, potential conflicts of interest; distinguishes among unacceptable conflicts of interest, potential and actual conflicts that are acceptable without approval or oversight; reports to the Vice President for Research.

Senate Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (3-year term): 3 vacancies

The Senate Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion shall provide leadership and expertise to the University community in promoting diversity in their various roles and activities and serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas within the University. The Committee should respond to directions from the Academic Senate, while retaining the freedom to set its own agenda. The Committee’s principal role is to identify issues, projects, and proposals that would further a positive climate of diversity on the University campus, would enhance relations with diverse elements in the community, and would promote appreciation of diversity in the wider community. The Committee’s roles includes forwarding information and recommendations to the Academic Senate. The Committee will submit an annual report to the Academic Senate of its activities.

Parking Violation Appeals Committee (2-year term): 2 vacancies

Hears and adjudicates appeals from students, faculty, staff members, and University visitors and guests who are not satisfied with the rulings of the Parking Appeals Officer concerning contested parking citations issued on the campus; reports to the Vice President for Administrative Services.

Campus Health and Safety Committee (3-year term): 2 vacancies

The Campus Health and Safety Committee is responsible to: Formulate, review, and/or recommend the adoption of environmental health and safety policies. Advise Administration through the Vice President for Administration on the status of these University programs and achievement of goals established on an annual basis. Provide appropriate staff and faculty expertise for development of tools to assess safety performance and risk management.