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Building muscle isn’t just about aesthetics. There are a variety of benefits associated with obtaining and maintaining muscle mass.

  • It can aid in the prevention of certain diseases like diabetes and combats natural muscular degeneration that occurs with age.
  • You will also feel stronger and more energized throughout the day. Imagine finishing a long shift and not feeling the soreness and exhaustion that used to send you to the couch rather than enjoying your evening at home.

So, you want to begin an exercise routine but don’t know where to start?

Weight training in particular seems to get complicated pretty fast. There are so many right ways to do it but there are also a lot of wrong ways and it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. It is common for two seemingly legitimate sources to supply contradictory information. Further research can solve this problem but if motivation is a factor it can be helpful to have an option that takes the guess work out and gives you confidence that all the hard work you are putting into your work out will actually pay off.

A great option is to join a fitness class. PEAK circuit training classes are taught by undergraduate students who are in their final year of school. They work hard at applying all the principles of exercise science they have learned in order to develop programs that are beneficial for their participants. When you arrive to each class you will start with an appropriate warm up to help avoid injury then begin a variety of weight bearing exercises that the instructor has laid out for the entire class. As you perform these exercises you can be confidant that you are doing them correctly as your instructor will be offering tips for modifying exercises and improving form in order to maximize the benefit and decrease the risk. These classes are a great way to become motivated again and feel confident that your routine will work for you.

Interested in trying out a circuit training class? Registration for PEAK Health and Fitness interim and summer classes is open now at health.utah.edu/peak.

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Every 45 minutes somewhere in the United States, a parent calls a poison control center because their child has ingested a laundry or dishwashing detergent packet. That’s the finding of new research published this week in Pediatrics. Researchers say the number of children accidentally ingesting these packets over the past two years has risen by nearly 20 percent, despite increasing warnings about their danger.

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When many people think of Tourette syndrome, they think of compulsive swearing. But University of Utah Tourette’s Center of Excellence Clinical Program Manager Eva Tukuafu, M.S.W, C.S.W. explains that’s not the whole story.

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