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June is men’s health month and nearly half of all men in the United States are not getting the recommended amount of physical activity.

As a man, you may believe that the only way to be “healthy” is to chop up some wood and eat a red steak. However, you would be missing out on 99 percent of beneficial ways to get healthy and be active. There are many ways to get physically active, especially with the warmer weather and longer days among us. Below are six tips to becoming a healthier and “manlier” you.

  1. Get a dog, go for a walk. What’s manlier than hanging out with man’s best friend? Aim to walk 30 minutes a day for five days of the week. A great way to know if you’re working hard enough is to check your heart rate or do the talk test: If you’re doing moderate-intensity physical activity you can talk, but not sing, during the activity.
  2. Yard work. With so many things to choose from, you are bound to stay active for hours while making your yard look amazing. Some things include pulling weeds, gardening, sweeping the driveway, mowing the lawn and of course, running through the sprinklers.
  3. Play a sport. Join a recreation sport league in your community. You can choose from many sports that fit your interest and socialize with other like-minded individuals.
  4. Bike to work. Not only will you get the benefits of exercise with this activity, but you’ll avoid traffic jams and save money on gas! To change up your routine, try different routes to and from work.
  5. Playing on a playground. Channel your inner child by swinging on those monkey bars, climbing every rope, and making your way through each obstacle. If you don’t have a park near you, make whatever is available around you your own “playground.” So get creative and channel your primal instinct. Here are some other ways you can be active in a park setting. 
  6. Dance date. Take your significant other out dancing or dance in your own home, whichever works for you. Either way you are guaranteed to break a sweat while listening to your favorite music.

No matter how you choose to be active, make sure you’re doing something you enjoy. Try to come up with your own ways to be active without realizing it. Remember, you can be active anywhere at anytime and have fun while doing it.


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Many expectant women, especially first-time mothers, have questions about physical activity during pregnancy. For the vast majority of women, exercising during pregnancy has minimal risk for both mom and baby. In fact, the right types of physical activity are actually critical in keeping a woman’s body healthy for those nine dedicated months.

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