Behind the Scenes at NHMU

Once a year, the Natural History Museum of Utah opens its doors to the bones, artifacts and archaeologists that aren’t out on the exhibition floors. This unique opportunity for a “behind-the-scenes” experience is this weekend. Here are more details about the occasion from NHMU:

“With 1.5 million objects in our collections, only a fraction are on display. But each year, for two days only, the Natural History Museum of Utah invites visitors “Behind the Scenes.” Meet the scientists who manage and study collections and get an insider’s view into the entire museum.

• Get access to a huge room filled with fossils, including the recently announced pig-snouted turtle.
• Meet world-renowned paleontologists.
• Explore the Museum’s considerable anthropology collections with our archaeologists. Objects date from 11,500 BC to present day and are instrumental to our understanding of the human history of western North America.
• See our extensive biology collections, with drawers filled with insects (including spectacular butterflies) and a wide array of plants and animals.

Don’t miss your chance to venture behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum of Utah. You’ll see stunning artifacts, learn about the Museum’s current research from our scientists, and discover how we care for the objects in our collections.

*Doors to collections areas close at 4:30 p.m.”

NHMU Behind The Scenes