Humans of the U

Humans of the U: Maj. Alex Horn

“The famed ‘fight or flight’ stress response is good for running away from predators in the jungle but not helpful for keeping your crew safe in combat.”

Found Property Notice for May 2022

University of Utah Police Department is advertising a list of found property that is currently being stored at the University of Utah Police building. All unclaimed property will be disposed of Monday, June 6, 2022.

Humans of the U: Robert Olsen

“I hope to complete my 83-year-old marathon this summer.”

Humans of the U: Jantzen Allphin

“Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with beautiful views. All these views and emotions, the fond and beautiful as well as the uncomfortable and tired, were an important part of my student experience.”

Humans of the U: Lindberg Heitmann

“I want to be an ally to underserved populations and help break the segregation cycle. I would like to make others’ paths easier than mine.”

Sammie Serrano stands in front of a sign that says: They always say time changes things but you have to change them yourself. The letters are red and are covered with plastic bubbles that distorts the letter with hits curve.

Humans of the U: Sammie Serrano

“I didn’t want students who are neurodivergent at the U to be subject to the same struggle that I had.”

Humans of the U: Kaitlyn Workman

Humans of the U: Kaitlyn Workman

“College is as whimsical as it is relentless. I never thought my experience would include standing on the border of North Korea, covering a riot as a news reporter or burying my brother. Life is a gorgeous and unexpected journey.”

Humans of the U: Destiny Wallingford

Humans of the U: Destiny Wallingford

“In navigating the mundane, rising beyond challenge, persevering, fostering fortitude and reveling in success, we entered this institution from one version of existence and transformed as we traveled through some incredibly trying times.”

Humans of the U: Annie Giokas

“Participating in undergraduate research helped me gain skills as an independent thinker and the courage to improve at public speaking after presenting at multiple conferences.”

Humans of the U: Preston Hadley

“If I had the chance to give some advice to first-year students, I would remind them to take it all in. There is no rush. The jobs and opportunities will always be there, but you only go to college once.”