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Humans of the U: Ryan Ross

“I moved to New York in my late 20s and originally I was studying English at a community college on Long Island. While I was living there, I decided to go to film school because I had a realization that creatively, film was the medium I was most passionate about. I decided to complete my generals at the community college and then transfer to Emerson College in Boston to earn my film degree. 

During my last semester, I was supposed to go to Los Angeles for an internship and to make connections in the film industry. But that semester was during 2020, so I ended up finishing my degree remotely in my parent’s guest room in Park City, which is where I am originally from. While I was home, I reconnected with other artists and creators here and I realized I liked it here in this part of the West. And then I started thinking about graduate school because I wanted more training. An MFA program seemed like a good opportunity to try and figure out more about who I am and what my voice is as an artist. 

Film is a medium I’ve always been particularly affected by. There was always something in the back of my head when I was trying to write stories or music that the coolest outcome for what I was working on would be for it to be part of a film. 

Film communicates in such a distinct way because it is sound and images organized for the purpose of creating a specific effect. For me, film is the medium that best engages with my sense of awe. I think awe is an important human emotion because it makes you think about that larger context of what you are a part of.”

— Ryan Ross, MFA candidate, Department of Film & Media Arts