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What to do when an injury or illness happens on campus

Be sure to report all incidents immediately and fill out one of the three available forms.

When there is an injury or illness on campus, be sure to report all incidents immediately. There are three incident reports used by the university:

  1. Report injuries and illnesses on the job with the First Report of Injury or E-1 form. Workplace injuries warrant investigation. Do not disturb the incident site until the incident itself has been investigated. In some situations, tools, equipment, materials or other evidence that might pertain to the cause of such accident may not be removed or destroyed until authorized by the Labor Commission or one of its Compliance Officers. When in doubt contact OEHS at 801-581-6590.
  2. Report property damage and injuries or illnesses involving students or campus visitors using the Campus Incident/Accident Report form.
  3. Report near misses, chemical/biological spills and releases using the OEHS incident report form.